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Out of 8 Sirelo reviews
50% of the users recommend this moving company
This moving company scores a 7.4 out of 3 reviews on other platforms.
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About Broadway Relocation Services Pvt. Ltd.

Broadway Relocation Services are providers of a total packing and removal service.
They handle national and international moves, and are specialized in relocating pets and arts as well.


International removals
National moving
Pet transport
Art transport


Broadway Relocation Services Pvt. Ltd. is accredited by the following associations:
Out of 8 Sirelo reviews
50% of the users recommend this moving company
This moving company scores a 7.4 out of 3 reviews on other platforms.
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8 out of 8 reviews shown
I am quite satisfied with the service and support I received from your company Broadway Relocation and during our relocation to France. The first impression we had is that the process is too complicated and hectic but your company took away all possible additional stress and worries of this relocation. Special thanks to [names removed by Sirelo]. I had the impression you always thought of everything before I even realized I would have to deal with it. Whatever additional question I had; your responsiveness was amazing. I am impressed with the team in France who managed all the custom related things efficiently. The only sector you need to work upon is the 'Insurance' to make it more useful and efficient for the customers. Many thanks and would recommend to friends and others
Moved from Ludhiana (India) to Paris (rosny Sous) (France)
This is review regarding Broadway Relocation

My initial experience with them were good upto packing & moving my items from my house in Bangalore to Portland, USA
Shipped date: Dec 14, 2019
After that there were no updates from them and had to periodically follow-up. No documentations like BOL, Insurance documents etc they provided.
Early March 2020, received call from local shipper in Florida, my shipments are received & we will deliver in one or two days after paying USD 1503.
I was told by [name removed by Sirelo] in Broadway both in writing and whatsapp messages that i should expect to pay approx USD300 on arrival.
Tried to challange them but with no options end-up paying them USD 1503.
Escalated the issue with where broadway is a member and Federal Maritime Commission.

Upon received there my sofa set were damaged and two other boxes contents. Filed an insurance claim with Tata AIG and Broadway is not co-operating with providing documentations to complete the claim.

I would not recommend Broadway to anyone based on my experience with them.
Planning by Bangalore Team
Execution by Bangalore Team
Delhi Sales office is corrupt
Poor/No communication after shipment
Moved from Bangalore (India) to Portland (United States)
I would put 1 if i could.....I am in a ransom situation. Since my goods left sign of [name removed by Sirelo]....some # [name removed by Sirelo] look over. All he did was demand more money. Very crude with very little letter writing skills. My cargo left me on 10 jan 2020. Iwas not given any documentation like bill of leading. I had paid over rd 200000 for a door to door service. Now apparently it's in auckland where the local courier company has raised an invoice for $1400 ....I assume should have been paid by Broadway replicators......very very sad. Makes india and indians look bad. Hope someone does something about this as see I am not the only one that has been'scammed'. I still haven't received my cargo.
Moved from Chennai (India) to Auckland (New Zealand)
Response of
The client was trying to find fault and overcharging etc with us with no justified reason but later she accepted and goods were delivered intact without any scratch/damage.
She writes review on 18th Apr’2020 and accepts as per email below on 23rd April’2020.

From: Renuka Sent: 23 April 2020 02:59
Dear Pradeep, Thank you for your reply. It was very clear and well explained. Can i ask you for a bill of leading and also the name of your partner's in new Zealand. Thank you. By the way the amount was paid as soon as possible. The delay was because I was in transit. This is for your information. Thanks and regards, Renuka

From:Broadway Sent: On Thu, 23 Apr 2020, 00:48 Dear Renuka Ji,Thanks for your mail and reaching me. The mail went to spam folder.Discussed with Ritu in detail. Please find below the the reply in Green.

From: Renuka Sent: 20 April 2020 15:14
Dear Pradeep, My name is Renuka. Your company Broadway relocation services Helped me move my domestic items from Chennai to Auckl and. I found your name in the LinkedIn. ....subsequently realised that you were the man in charge.

Thanks for reaching out to me.

Q.I choose your company reluctantly as it was based in Delhi but ritu who made the initial contact assured me that she would be the person. who would see me through process. she quoted me Rs 150000 for a door to door service which included clearing customs at both ends.

A.Thanks for choosing us and our HO is based in New Delhi but we have our office in 8 locations and we do regular business all over India. We have submitted quote for Door to Door services with inclusion and exclusion.

Q.A booking amount of 20000 was given. The good were removed from my house. The moment the goods left my house...Ritu was unwilling to answer my questions and direct me to Alok who wasn't in the scene. He Sent me a new invoice of Rs 215000. I was not happy but parted with the money as i felt I was in :a "ransom" situation..( what must someone do in this situation??!!)

A. You were quoted 7-8 cbm and volume has gone high by additional 1 cbm and this volume increase has been communicated to while packing. (Final Volume 9.543 cbm) You have paid quoted amount, increase in volume charges,Insurance and tax as per quote. There is nothing "ransom" which is unappropriated and unprofessional. Besides, you paid us after 15-20 days with many reminders, we did not charge you for storages.

Q.Now I hear the goods are in Auckland and YOUR agent the ones YOU contracted to work at this end have raised me a bill of $1400 which should be directed to you since they are picked by you. and clearing i paid for a door to door service.

A.We have submitted 2 page quote for door to door services with inclusion and exclusion. Our quote excludes:The quote excludes custom duties, taxes, DTHC, Quarantine, Disbursement fee, long carry if any, and parking permits if required. Delivery over 1st Floor.

Q.At the moment i have nothing to lose. I have seen other reviews along the same lines....and am very disheartened by it. It is making India and Indians look bad. I don't think its very professional of you if your company does this again and again.

A.If we are doing thousand jobs…..there are many many appreciation reviews, email and letter etc are there with us. We have done nothing as such and which is not mentioned in our quote. We are thorough professional and we are getting maximum reffral jobs from our existing clients.

Please advice. Regards, Renuka

A.We kindly request you to pay the immediately so that our partner can arrange to do clearance and pay the quarantine and port charges etc and arrange delivery of the goods, inorder to avoid any additional detention and demurrage charges.

Nice Packing was good, budget friendly and suggested the best mode of transportation, clear, good communication & no hidden Charges.
Moved from Pune (India) to Rotterdan (The Netherlands)
Absolutely disgusting. Bunch of crooks.

Too nice until we paid them, things changed after that. Totally changed their statements and different commitments from different employees. We have to pay a lot more then the quote.
They never provide us with the insurance documentation. when we received the shipment 2 temples were into pieces.

After we sent all the photos to them they never communicated properly. many times they used abusive language as well which was shocking. After 3 months of argument they said we haven’t received any photos and now the time limit is passed for logged the claim for the insurance as if they would be going to pay from their pockets. Now they are not replying any of our emails as well as not picking our phone too.
Shameless people took advantage of people like us sitting that far.
Please do not deal with them if you love your money.
Moved from Ludhiana (India) to Adelaide (Australia)
Response of
The client pooled 4 person goods including himself and got benefit on his own and charged others more than what we advised actual volume and genuine cost. So you can understand the mentality of the client.
As per agreement we delivered goods at 2 places but client wanted delivery at 3 places. The client’s wife says she works in Australian Police and has right to use any kind of unparliamentary language and later preferred only talk to her husband.
They have recd. All the goods in tact and has given signed ok delivery receipt but after 45 days wanted to make false damage claim which we did not forward to Insurance. Both of them started calling every day and night. Lastly, we provided all the required documents for the insurance claims and asked them to go directly to insurance company and pursue for the claims. The Insurance company rejected their false claims.
In nutshell, the client first cheated their own companions and then started making false damage claim to Insurance.
It was a wonderful experience in relocating my belongings to Colombo, Sri Lanka with Broadways relocation services. The Packing was done by very helpful staff, who were quick and did the entire packing in 3-4 hours. The marking and movement of the Household goods was done well, and we did not face any damage in our goods what-so-ever including the Crockery and other delicate materials. The agency in Colombo took only 3 days for custom clearance of the goods, and saved our DIWALI celebrations by being on time. Thanks a lot to the entire Broadway Relocation team. I highly recommend the Broadway Relocation for overseas relocation.
Efficient and punctual
Moved from New Delhi (India) to Colombo (Sri Lanka)
Hi [names removed by Sirelo],
Just wanted to let you know that we received our Shipment last week in Vancouver and we were able to safely get all the boxes home. We have unpacked all the boxes and all our items are intact, none of it is damaged. We wanted to thank you for all the support and help received from your end in shipping our things safely and securely. Thanks for all the good work.
punctual already mailed all details in first mail
Moved from Bangalore (India) to Vancouver (Canada)
It all looked good in preparing the move, but the moment the company had our money (everything had to be paid in advance) and our household goods they really failed at any possible task. Customs clearance at origin took 4 months, promised were 2 to 4 weeks. The moment when difficulties started at customs, the company just stopped communicating with us and I had to involve local friends, including one friend at Indian Customs, to get the information I wanted and to understand what was going on. Apparently the company had tried to bribe their way through customs and lost any credibility with the local customs officers, who started to check and re-check everything which delayed the shipment. Finally after 4 months the goods were on the ship. Once everything arrived in Germany, Broadway refused to pay any costs that came up at custom clearance at destination (even though that was clearly part of the package deal) and they also tried to give over costs to me as customer that happened at origin due to their own failure (like extended container rental fees, etc.)
no way to trust them keeping their contract
completely unreliable concerning promises
Moved from Tiruvannamalai (India) to Freiburg (Germany)
Response of
We advised client many times not to get packed statues, sculpture, curios, heritage artefacts etc.
since these are subject to strict checking and verification. He wanted to got all these items and in good quantity. In Spite of our repeated advice, he forced us to pack and said he is ready to wait for ASI (Archaeological Survey of India) certificate and must include in the shipment.
As a professional service provider, we put our hard and concerted effort and follow up, we could get ASI certificate in 2 months. He refused to pay any storage charges and we had to provide free storage of goods at our cost.
Secondly, when we moved the goods to customs and ASI certificate was submitted, the customs inspected and found many such statues, sculpture, curios, heritage artefacts and got suspicious of goods being exported. The Customs authority inspected all the goods and sent ASI certificate for verification which took another one and half month to receive the confirmation. For one and half month all port charges, detention and demurrages charges were paid by us and we cooperated client at every level and incurred huge loss in the job.

What he is writing is totally inhuman and inconsiderate and never cooperated us and never listen to our advice. Of course, it is very easy to blame vendor and not recognising vendor's sincere effort and absorbing costs and never shared or paid any single penny extra costs these reasons.

Besides, we have clearly mentioned in our quote that DTHC, Port charges, Inspection etc at Destination are excluded from quote and to be paid at actual at destination but the client started disputing and did not pay and made container hold later realised and paid.
The client was very demanding, adamant, very rude in behaviour to the service provider and always in threatening tone.

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